How to Memorize Information for School

Memorizing information for school may be boring and hard. This how to will teach you how to memorize information for school easier and by the end of this how to you will be able to memorize your information much easier! First you need to find a quiet place. The quiet place will give you more focus helping you memorize information. Second find all the written notes or information you have and need to study for school and beging to carefully read it. Reading it over and over will help you pick up new things and will

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help you remember. One last example is using flashcards! Write down questions on the back and write down the answer on the front. Read them and once you think you have them all down ask someone to quiz you! If you follow this how to school will be just a breeze for you!


How to do well on Test

When in school the thing that gets you most nervous is probably a test! A test may be hard but there are ways to get through it and


do well on a test. Here are some steps on how to do well on test! First when in the middle of a test you must look for the worst possible answers. You do this because you want to isolate the good answers from the bad answers. You may have 1 or 2 good answers left. If its one good answer pick that one, but sometimes there may be 2 answers that make sense. Choose the best possible one. Another way to do good on test is to re-read the text or question until you get it, this will help you because it lets you think about the question hard. A last example of doing well on test is to study! Study notes, textbooks, internet articles, if you study hard you can do well on test!

How to Write Good Notes for School

Homework and tests are important but without notes you wouldn’t do very well on them. This how to teaches you how to take good notes for school! All you need is a sheet of lined paper and a pen or pencil. There are many different types of notes but one of the most used type of notes is the cornell notes. You will have to draw a vertical left side column for the questions or


main idea and at the bottom draw a horizontal line for your summary and that extra space? Thats for your notes. Have a main topic, in this how too i’ll be using tacos as a topic. Okay let us begin, first have a question on the left side column like “What goes in a taco” then on the right side you jot down notes, like “- The ingredients you put in a taco are beef/chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese”. For every question you only write notes for ONE topic. For the next topic write another question and notes. Lastly you’ll need a summary. The summary basically consists of basic info on the topic and is usually 2-4 sentences long. If you follow these steps you won’t have a problem with studying for school!

How to Write a Detailed Essay

Many students have trouble writing an essay or report for their class such as science, english, or history class. This how to can help you how to write a detailed essay. You are gonna need a computer to type on or paper to write on. One of the most important thing to writing a detailed essay is having a great topic sentence! For example if your essay is on the history of sharks, have the topic sentence be something that lets the reader know that the whole essay is about sharks, “Sharks are one of the most known animals in the world, and have been around for millions and millions of years”. You also need to have great paragraphs. The introduction should be some facts about the topic. A great main body should consist of 2 paragraphs that consists of detailed facts, information


that supports or backs up the facts, and make it interesting so that the reader would keep on reading and not get bored by just boring, uniteresting facts. The last paragraph should be a conclusion, a conclusion is a paragraph that concludes and wraps up the whole essay. Once you write the essay you must check for vocabulary and grammar mistakes, capitalization and puncuation. Paragraphs should also be 5-8 sentences. If you follow theses steps you will get an A on your essay!


UCLA Undergraduate Admissions

If you want to go to UCLA you better think of how you can pay for your tuition and living cost for your first year. To live in the residence halls/dorms it cost $12,692, health insurance cost $1530, books and supplies cost $1,536, Room and Board cost $14,454, transportation cost $807, personal cost $1,395, All of these cost total up to a total of $32,415! If you are an out of state student it’ll cost a lot more almost double of what in state students pay. The total for out of state students is $55,293! Paying for this will make you want to go to school in your own state.

What is the point of school and how do you do well in it?

Many people hate school and choose not to do well and that’s a way to fail at life. Without school you would not have an education, go to college, and barely earn enough money to feed a family, or even yourself. You’d probably end up on the streets or be working full time at McDonald’s until you’re 70. If you don’t want that to happen you should follow these steps to do well in


school. To do well in school the most important priority is studying. Studying can be hard because you may get distracted by your cell phone, laptop/computer, a TV, or anything else that has to do with electronics besides educational reasons to use them. You have to get rid of those by working somewhere else or moving those things out until you are done to keep you from desiring them. Studying also requires reading and taking notes, take out the textbook and read the information you are learning in class. than jot down a few notes for each paragraph, studying will help you do well on test which are usually a big part of your grade. The second most important thing is homework, now homework may not seem like its worth the time but it actually is, little by little homework adds onto your grade. The last thing to do is pay attention and work hard! Follow these steps and you will do well in school.



How to make a great breakfast before school

Do you have you have work, school, a meeting? Have nothing to eat besides boring old cereal? Then make sunny side up eggs! Sunny side up eggs are delicious, yummy, and quick and easy to make. You can eat sunny side up with just about anything, like toast, pancakes, bacon, etc. The only problem is you don’t know how to make one? This how to tells you how to make the perfect sunny side up eggs at right at your home. Making sunny side up eggs require little work and you don’t need much to make them! After you finish making it you sit down and enjoy!

What you need:
– 1 egg

What you do:
1. Turn on the stove to high
2. Get a teaspoon of butter or more if desired and put it in the pan
3. Smear the butter around the pan as the butter melts
4. Crack the egg and place it in the pan
5. Wait until the egg has solidified and that it is perfectly cooked (REMEMBER! Don’t over cook!)
6. Take your spatula, take the egg out, place it on your plate, and ENJOY!

Sunny Side Up Egg

Sunny Side Up Eggs