#needhelp Dealing with a Bully

One of the toughest thigns to deal with at school are bullies. Everyday you would go to class and get harrassed and made fun of with no one helping. You are the victim and those are bystanders. Bystanders watch the bully harrass people without doing anythuing. If you are a bystander turn into a hero and help the victim. If you are a victim tell a parent or trusted adult. Some kids may think that they shouldn’t tell


their parents but thats they best thing to do. If you can’t tell a paretn stand up for yourself and they will go away. Bullying not only happens in real life but also on the internet. This is called CYBER-bullying. Cyber bullying is bullying over social networks. To deal with this you must tell a trusted adult because cyber bullying is not allowed no matter what. Beating a bully whether it’s the internet or real life is to STAND UP for yourself. The bully would realize you are not afraid and will back down.


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