#schooltips Behaving in Class

When in school you have to behave. Behaving will get you on the teachers better side and you will be better respected. Grades are a big part of school but good behavior is also neccessary. If you behave badly in class the teacher could think badly of you and tell others. For example if you

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are trying out for a sports team and you have one of the best athletic skills out of the people that had tried out, you probably won’t make it in. Why? It is because of your behavior. The coach had heard you were bad and didn’t want you to influence the rest of the team. If you want to show people you can do better than pay attention and do work in class. Body language is huge too! Sit up straight, make eye contact, and hands off your desk when not working. Show that you can be a good student and you will have better benefits!


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