Tips for a Better School Year

Have the past years of you going to school been bad? Struggling in school? Well these tips will help you do better. One way to do better in school is to avoid procrasination. Procasination is when you wait until the last minute to do work. If you want to avoid procrasination one way is to write down a list. Write down your list of important things to do from most

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important to least important. The list will help you keep organized and help complete your work. If you want to make friends just say hello to a nice person and find something you both have in common. If you struggle in grades go to a tutor or make a study group. There are many ways to make your school year better and all you have to do is do theses things and listen to these tips.


#needhelp Dealing with a Bully

One of the toughest thigns to deal with at school are bullies. Everyday you would go to class and get harrassed and made fun of with no one helping. You are the victim and those are bystanders. Bystanders watch the bully harrass people without doing anythuing. If you are a bystander turn into a hero and help the victim. If you are a victim tell a parent or trusted adult. Some kids may think that they shouldn’t tell


their parents but thats they best thing to do. If you can’t tell a paretn stand up for yourself and they will go away. Bullying not only happens in real life but also on the internet. This is called CYBER-bullying. Cyber bullying is bullying over social networks. To deal with this you must tell a trusted adult because cyber bullying is not allowed no matter what. Beating a bully whether it’s the internet or real life is to STAND UP for yourself. The bully would realize you are not afraid and will back down.

New School

Are you in a new school? Do you have trouble making friends? Finding your classes? New schools can be tough, you have to start all over with no friends, a great way to make friends is to greet a person and get to know them, say “Hello, my name is…..”. If you are a

download (3) shy person just make friends in a situation such as “I need help on my work” which lets them interact with you. If you do not like your new school try finding a reason to like it. There are friendly people around that you could get along with. Problems other than making friends are finding your new classes. The school may have a different schedule from your old school and the school is a lot different. Finding your classes can be hard just ask people where this and that is. Remember to work hard in class and good luck in your new school.


                               Organization is the key to a better school life. Organization means you have to keep all your notebooks and paper in sections neatly and work should be in a folder in binders. To improve your organization get a 


binder around 2′ and buy dividers. Dividers will help you label into sections such as science, English, history. You also need about a sprial notebook for math or any other subject you are taking. Don’t forget lined paper! Also buy a folder with 3 hole punches, any completed work will go in there for safe keeping so you will not be able to lose it. Buy a pencil pouch, this will prevent you from losing any pens or pencils, and remember to work hard and eat right! 

#schooltips Studying 101

There are many ways to study but studying alone can be boring and hard. What do you need? A study group. Creating a study group will help you conquer a big test coming up. You can create a study group with your friends head over to each others’ houses and pop opecommunity1n the textbook. Study groups allow many people to interact and discuss one topic and allow opinions to flow in. Study groups also let you learn new information about the subject that you may have never known before. Study groups are perfect because you can be social and still be learning. Study groups also let you gain new notes for you to study alone when needed. If you are having trouble with the subject another person in the group may know how to help and if others need help maybe you could help them! Study groups are a great, just invite your friends over for a session and you could be learning new things in no time!

#schooltips Behaving in Class

When in school you have to behave. Behaving will get you on the teachers better side and you will be better respected. Grades are a big part of school but good behavior is also neccessary. If you behave badly in class the teacher could think badly of you and tell others. For example if you

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are trying out for a sports team and you have one of the best athletic skills out of the people that had tried out, you probably won’t make it in. Why? It is because of your behavior. The coach had heard you were bad and didn’t want you to influence the rest of the team. If you want to show people you can do better than pay attention and do work in class. Body language is huge too! Sit up straight, make eye contact, and hands off your desk when not working. Show that you can be a good student and you will have better benefits!

#needhelp: Doing your Homework

Does Homework take forever? Does it take up all your free time? These tips will help you complete your homework faster. Taking 2-3 hours on homework should be enough, but sometimes it takes longer than expected and sometimes you pull all nighters! What you need to do is make homework your FIRST priority. Thats what you should do, you also need to

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make a list, list the most important homework assignments first. Doing the most important homework assignments first will help you because you can do the other homework without having to do the big assignment after. Doing the big assignment will get it off your mind. After completing that, you can do the lesser important ones which will only take you up to about 20 minutes. Another tip is to place all electronics away from the room or go to a room without any, this will remove all distractions and will keep you on task. If you follow these tips you will be completing homework in no time!