#needhelp: How to make a great project

Do you need help on a project for school? Have no one there to help you? This how to will help you with ideas on how to make a great project for any of your classes of school. One great idea for a project that will work for about any class is a POSTER. A great poster needs visuals, and information. Try splitting up the poster into 3 different sections. Don’t forget the title! For the first section write up the problem in a story, math problems, etc. The second section shows your information and the key to

how to projectsolving the problem. The last section holds all of the visuals to let the reader or person you are presenting to see what the problem is about. Another great project you could do is a model for example if you are doing a project on knights try building a model of a knight, but you must also right a short report so that you can present the information about knights to your class. One last example of a great project  is an essay. A great essay has an introduction that has a topic sentence and at least 4-5 sentences, an essay also consist of 2 main body paragraphs, both 6-8 sentences and should have all the info of the topic, and the last part of an essay is of course, the conclusion. The conclusion should wrap up the essay and should have 4-5 sentences. If you follow this how to you can possibly get an A+ on your project!


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