How to Write a Detailed Essay

Many students have trouble writing an essay or report for their class such as science, english, or history class. This how to can help you how to write a detailed essay. You are gonna need a computer to type on or paper to write on. One of the most important thing to writing a detailed essay is having a great topic sentence! For example if your essay is on the history of sharks, have the topic sentence be something that lets the reader know that the whole essay is about sharks, “Sharks are one of the most known animals in the world, and have been around for millions and millions of years”. You also need to have great paragraphs. The introduction should be some facts about the topic. A great main body should consist of 2 paragraphs that consists of detailed facts, information


that supports or backs up the facts, and make it interesting so that the reader would keep on reading and not get bored by just boring, uniteresting facts. The last paragraph should be a conclusion, a conclusion is a paragraph that concludes and wraps up the whole essay. Once you write the essay you must check for vocabulary and grammar mistakes, capitalization and puncuation. Paragraphs should also be 5-8 sentences. If you follow theses steps you will get an A on your essay!


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